SMR(UK) | Caldicot, South Wales

The Problem:
Within a changing marketplace, when it comes to waste management compliance and landfill diversion, SMR (UK) had an under recognised solution that could cost effectively stabilise excavated spoil.

When Clare Stevens took over day-to-day management of the business as Managing Director her focus was to implement an active and ambitious development and awareness programme. This included completely revamping the website and applying a significantly higher level of professionalism to its brand, published marketing materials and sales activities; to collectively raise customer perceptions.

The Solution:
The redevelopment of the website was at the heart of the marketing plan. It not only focused on core ‘hero’ and iconic images, something almost unheard of in the sector for businesses other than main contractors, but the initiative would also seek to modernised the highly technical content into a consistent and easy to comprehend and easy to digest format. The website was also in step with the trend to migrate from ‘static’ PC pages, rather it adopted the dynamic resizing trend that was becoming commonplace with the growing adoption of smartphones and tablets

The Result:
Delivered in mid-2017, the new website received considerable acclaim from peers, customers, and competitors. This helped enabled SMR to reach numerous large, ‘higher-tier’ construction and contracting customers, elevating the SMR brand so that it was now perceived as significant player in the market. Its enhanced brand status now meant it was regarded as the ‘go-to’ provider of a cost effective solution for soil stabilisation – marketing job done.

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