DentalPB | Woking, Surrey

The Problem:
The legacy website (pictured right) was built over 10 years ago, and whilst it included much of the information required, it was ‘industrial’ in comparison with today’s ‘people focused’ websites. Updates were also extremely difficult to implement and the servers it ran on were no longer supported in terms of security patches. It also didn’t meet any of the operational or user requirements of today’s smart, dynamically resizable devices like smartphones, tablets and wide screen devices.

The Solution:
Blackchilli first created a complete document of all the legacy uploaded text. Then developed a schematic for the new website, with a totally fresh look, agreeing how all these pages interlink and what content they would convey. The project was then made significantly more difficult as stringent Covid restrictions came into being and key staff were furloughed – but despite this new copy, graphical elements and photography were all created.

Not looking for an ‘out of the box’ solution – rather something that would stand out from competitors – Accend was brought onboard to turn the vision into reality by creating the WordPress pages and the dynamic interactive functionality. The pages were then populated with the succinct new copy created and everything then robustly tested.

The Result:
The new website ( and pictured right) went live in early 2021 and was greeted by DentalPB customers, peers and even competitors with acclaim. Easy to author, update and expand, vibrant, functional, and with the latest network security; this is another jointly delivered Blackchilli and Accend project that should meet the client’s needs for many years to come.

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