Pendulum of Mayfair - London

Who are Pendulum of Mayfair

Pendulum of Mayfair are a prestigious antique clock shop in Mayfair, London. They are one of the finest antique clock dealers in the World, and have some very high profile clients on their books, including the Russian Embassy, the Kremlin and the Royal Family. Therefore we have had to be very careful with change, so as not to disrupt the visitors to the website, and we also have to consider the target audience.

For this reason the website has had a makeover to make it a little more modern, but the main aspect of my relationship with Pendulum is through SEO and working on their keywords to re-gain their position at the top of the table, especially on-line. We feel once that has been sorted we can then look at further website development down the line.

What is SEO

Pendulum's Feedback

"Lee from Accend 4 Web is something very rare in the world of web design and SEO someone who will go out of their way for you. He is passionate, hard working and extremely talented. In over 10 years of working with our London website, he is the only person who I would rely on their opinion and trust to go to any length on the clients behalf. Would I recommend him? Is the Pope Catholic? 100 percent yes. A great guy in all respects."