Nikki Carrol Physical Trainer - Oxfordshire

Who is Nikki Carrol

Based in Oxfordsire, Nikki Carrol is a very dedicated and knowledgeable 'Physical Trainer' who understands every aspect of personal diet plans, exercise benefits and motivational practices.

Nikki is in a very competitve category of websites, but through on site SEO, Nikki's eagerness to keep her social media accounts going, some good link building has helped Nikki be on page 1 of Google for her very competitive keywords.

As is the case more and more these days, Nikki needed a website that worked on mobiles and tablets, as she felt that her target audience where more inclined to be using these devices to access the internet. The website is fully responsive, loads quickly, and also has a small tailored CMS attached to it, to allow her to update most of the pages on her website.

What is a 'Responsive Website'

Basically it is one website that is crafted to be the most enjoyable experience on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and pc's. The website re-arranges itself depending on the width of the device its being viewed on.

Nikki's Feedback

"Lee has made setting up my website a really painfree and enjoyable experience. Not only did he create exactly what I was looking for, he actually improved on my vision, making suggestions and enhancements that I didn't even think of. The finished website completely exceeds my original expectations and this is completely down to Lee. His knowledge is limitless, along with his patience and desire to do whatever it takes to help you achieve what you want, and even though my site is now up and running, he still keeps an eye on it and is ready to help whenever I ask. Lee is integral to the success of my website and I cannot praise him enough."