Cheryl Jones Artist - East Lothian

Who is Cheryl Jones

Cheryl is a brand new mum who used to work full time in Edinburgh, and had a dream of being a work from home mum. This would allow Cheryl to use her skills to carry on her career, whilst also bringing her son up, save paying for high child care costs, and more importantly watching her son grow and develop in those important and precious first years.

The good news is that Cheryl did make that start, and I'm proud to be able to put her first website together which gives her the benefit of a point of contact, with a colourful collection of some of her art work, which is now being sold in many shops in villages and towns near Edinburgh.

As Cheryl develops the business, I have promised to help her get the products and artwork to a bigger audience, by utilising onsite and offsite SEO, and then we are going to develop the option to buy her products from the website, but we are taking it one step at a time.

What is a 'Responsive Website'

Basically it is one website that is crafted to be the most enjoyable experience on different devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and pc's. The website re-arranges itself depending on the width of the device its being viewed on.

Cheryl's Feedback

"I have recently become a Mum and after reluctantly handing my notice in at work (due to high nursery fees) my plan was to set up a small business ...and Fast ! Being a complete technophobe (I've never even had a Facebook account) Lee took my very sketchy design brief and was not at all faded by my totally unrealistic time frame. The result was a wonderful live web page which he turned around in just a few days. This instantly gave my customers a point of contact & access to an online description of my new profession along with images of my products. As time goes on Lee has promised to 'hold my hand' and expand upon this as my exciting new business grows into an interactive website which will allow customers to buy my products online, leave feedback etc..."